Sunday, May 12, 2013

New look honda Supra X125

Here it is the latest of Honda Supra X 125, so this is new striping along with sharper colors. This new look is attractive and suitable for young people.

The concept of this new color and stripe to maintain a dynamic sporty designs that exist today. In addition it is expected to provide more dynamic appearance on the type of wheel and spoke type of impression on the casting wheel racing. SupraX125 a future model Honda duck upscale segment intended to fulfill the desire of young people who aspire to the pride, the look of sporty, high performance, and comfort in driving.

Supra brand was first introduced in 1997 by a 100cc Honda Supra engine. Since 2005, Honda developed SupraX equipped 125cc engine. Until now, Honda dominate the market SupraX125 recorded top-class motorcycle that has accompanied more than 11 million users.

Honda Supra X125 motors are known as pioneers in Indonesias first injection in 2005. Last year, Honda added a new variant Supra X125 got the Helm Supra X125 Honda PGM-FI-ins.

Honda Supra X125 is equipped with a 125cc engine - 4 stroke that has proven its ability as a powerful motorcycle and powerful, fuel efficient and environmentally friendly. Honda Supra X125 also provided convenience and optimum driving comfort with an ergonomic driving position. Machine toughness and excellent features of this variety has been tested to deliver a Honda Supra X125 Duck King Motor 125cc and above.

Related features, this model also has some excellent features such as Secure Key Shutter, Rear Disc Brake and Combined Analog-Digital Speedometer.

Spoke Wheel versions will be marketed at a price Rp.14.550.000, - (on the road in Jakarta) in 3 pilihanwarna, namely Glorious Blue, Precious Green,and the Red Furious. The variant of Cast Wheel will be marketed at a price Rp.15.600.000, - (on the road in Jakarta) in 4 colors: Blue Glorious, Precious Green, Mysterious Violet and Furious Red. This model is expected to sell 35,000 units per month. (